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What is Gold Store?

Gold Store sells various items that can be purchased with Gold points.
When you apply the purchased items, you can enjoy special effects in the PHOENIX dart machine.

Register a free-pass card from our official web-site in order to purchase items in the Gold Store or to change item settings. You can also use our PHOENIXDART application for smart-phones.

What is Gold Point?

Types of Gold Items

Types of Gold items are as the following.

 AWARD Images for awards such as Low Ton and Hat Trick.
 MARK AWARD Mark Award item for Cricket games
 SOUND Sound items displayed when hitting the dart board such as triple 20.
 EFFECT Effects on the score display area
 STYLE Game background item
 DART THROW Image item that crosses the screen when throwing darts.
 FRAME Frame item of camera displays
 BULL Image effects when hitting the bull's eye.
 SET Category used when purchasing items of each category as a set.
 ? ? Item category for future release

Items and available machines

Gold items may not be available depending on the type of machines.
Refer to the icons or texts indicating the availability of items.

VSP …Items available in VSPHOENIX PX1 …Items available in PHOENIX

Purchase Items

You can use items for 30 days after purchase.
In case the usage period expires, you can use after purchasing 'Usage Period Extension'
※When you change item settings, the remaining usage period of previous items decreases as well.

Settings (Item Application/Cancellation)

You can adjust the operation/cancellation of items in the settings of Gold Store in My Page.
When you change item settings, the remaining usage period of previous items decreases as well.

Send items as gifts

You can send items as gifts to friends registered in the「Friend List()」
Friend List is a list of players that accepted your [Friend Request]

▼How to purchase items for gifts
In the Item Purchase Page of our web-site or smart-phone application, a button (link) is displayed for gift items.
In case of sending gifts, press this button to purchase the items.
Choose a player to send your gift from the [Friend List]
You cannot purchase [Set Items] for gifts.

▼How to accept gifts
You can check your gifts at the gift box.
The gifts would be registered as yours as soon as you check the gifts from the gift box.
In case of items that you already possess, the usage period would be extended for 15 days.
The usage period decreases from the date you check your gift box. In case you do not check your gift box, the usage period decreases 7 days after the date of reception.

Purchase History

You can check the purchase records of Gold items in the Purchase History page in My Page.
·Purchase Records・・・You can check the list of all the Gold items you purchased.
·Purchase Status・・・ You can check the items that you purchased from the Gold items currently for sale.