Exclusive application for Phoenix members

  • Enter your member ID and PW and touch the Login button.
  • Non-members must sign up in order to enjoy all the functions of this application.
  • Non-members have access to the news menu and shop search.

HOME: All useful information at a glance

  • Home Menu
  • Displays a summary of your play data and shortcuts to your most frequently used functions.
  • - Play Data: View your play data and the shops where you have played games.
  • - Card List: Manage your cards here.
  • - Phoenix Talk: Instant messenger for socializing with fellow dart players
  • - You can check game results and news for the day.
  • - Search shops by name or address and check transportation information as well.

Results with graphs

  • Check your play results and display them in graphs.
  • You can check Rating, PPD, MPR, Class and Rank.
    Manage your game results effectively with graphs of your data.

View home shop stats

  • You can view a list of current home shop and club players displayed in real time.
  • You can check the class and ranking of individual players.

Easily manage your Phoenix cards

  • Allows easy management of your various Phoenix cards.
  • For example: Classify your cards for regular use, tournament use, for dates, for home shop use, and so on.
  • You can change your principal card on this page and check the data immediately.

Become friends with previous opponents

  • How to add friends
  • 1. If you play online games, the opposing players will be displayed on the "Recommend
       Friend " list. (Only applies to opponents who are Phoenix members.)
  • 2. Approval from both parties is required to become friends and start chatting.

Start Phoenix talk

  • Select a friend and start chatting

More friends, more fun!

  • Create a group to send group messages and pictures.

1. Touch the + image on top right corner
2. Register your group name, picture, profile message and touch the "Choose Group Member" button
3. Select the friends that you would like to add to your group

Share data

  • You can share your dart game results with friends while chatting with them.
  • ☆How to send data:
    ① Touch the + image in the chat room.
    ② Touch the 'Send dart data' button.
    ③ Select which data you would like to share: 'Today's data/ Today's Award/ Current status'
    ④ Done!

Apply skins

  • Easily change your background image
  • ☆ How to apply skins:
  • ① While in the chat room, touch
  • ② Select the skin you wish to apply
  • ③ Touch the save button and you're done!

Search for nearby Phoenix shops

  • Conveniently search for nearby Phoenix shops wherever you are, whether you are on vacation or a business trip.
  • There are a variety of search options: By name, region, subway station and distance.
  • Look up shop information.
  • Before visiting a shop, you can check their business hours and the number of consoles in their premises.

Stay updated on the latest Phoenix news

  • The latest Phoenix news is displayed here.

Application settings

  • You can set Phoenix Talk push alerts, turn sound on or off, message preview and etc.