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【1】I cannot change my profile picture.

There are image file formats that cannot be uploaded. (It even varies among jpg files as well.) If this is the case, open such files in a graphic program such as PhotoShop or Windows Paint. Then change the format, and upload the picture.


【2】Can I transfer the data in my previous PHOENIX ONLINE card to my new one?

Yes, you can transfer the data in my previous PHOENIX ONLINE card to my new one.

Order of transferring data via computer.

  1. Log-In→My Page→Change my PHOENIX ONLINE card→Enter card ID and PW → Copy card data (Complete)


【3】Can I initialize my PHOENIX ONLINE card?

Once the data is saved in the PHOENIX ONLINE card, you cannot initialize it.


【4】What do I do if I lose my PHOENIX ONLINE card?

Purchase a new PHOENIX ONLINE card, and transfer the data from your previous card.

Order of changing your PHOENIX ONLINE card.

  1. Log-In -> My Page -> Change personal info -> Change my PHOENIX ONLINE card -> Enter PW and new card number -> Data transfer to new card is complete


【5】How can i cancel my membership?

All card info and records would be deleted in case you cancel your membership. If you still want to cancel your membership, send your card No. and PW to the customer center, and apply for membership cancellation.


【6】I have failed mobile authentication for over three times. What should I do?

We will initilialize the process when you send your name and mobile phone number to the Manager E-mail address (info@gs.phoenixdart.com)



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