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【1】What is a ranking?

When you play after touching your PHOENIX ONLINE card, the game results and records would automatically be recorded in our official web-site real-time. When you register your card in our official web-site, you can set your own unique picture, nickname and award messages.


【2】I gained a high score, but this was not reflected on my ranking.

Cases that are not reflected in your ranking are as the following

In case you have played less than a total of 10 games, including 01GAME, Cricket etc. (Reflected for ranking only when exceeding a total of 10 games. 2 player matches or games with handicaps are excluded.)

【3】My records were not reflected on my rating.

You must play over 10 games, including 01GAME or Cricket in a match of at least two players. Then the stats and rating records would be recorded.


  • Ratings would be calculated even if you play 10 games of only 01GAME and Cricket. In case you play against i-ROBOT, this would not be counted. Thus, its ratings and stats would not be reflected as well. Stats of a player with a handicap would not be reflected.


【4】It is too inconvenient to touch my PHOENIX ONLINE card everytime I play.

[Save Card Info] function would relieve the inconvenience of having to touch your card every game.

When the final round is over, press the red button (Enter).

When [Save Card Info] is displayed on the screen, press the green button (Option) to save your card info. Then select 'YES' to continue playing or 'No' to play a different game.
◆ In case of 'Yes,' the game starts as soon as you put in credit (coins).
◆ In case of 'No,' you would go back to the main menu. Then you can select the games you would like to play. You do not need to touch your card again.



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