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Composition of darts

Distance to the soft dart board

Location of the throw-line
It is recommended to set the distance from the In-Bull (Center) of the dart board to the Throw-Line as 298cm.
When measuring the distance from the surface of the floor, the distance may vary since there are some differences among dart machines.

※ Each distance is the standard of soft darts.
In the case of steel darts, the distance from the In-Bull (Center) to the Throw-Line is 293cm

Composition of darts

There are various styles and designs in the composition of darts. However, darts normally consists of 4 parts as shown above. There are single-body darts where the shaft and flight are connected. However, darts that consists of smaller parts can be easily repaired in case of damages. Players can also customize the weight, size and design according to their taste. This is the reason to why such forms of darts are popular to many players.

Composition of darts vary depending on its material, form and weight.
The course of darts may change according to the composition. Darts with more weight are normally easier to throw, but difficult to control its course. On the other hand, darts with less weight are difficult to throw, but easy to control its course.



Refers to the very front part of the dart that hits the board.
Since it hits the board, it may easily be bent or damaged.
Keep a spare tip at all times!

Most important part of the dart.
Various types and weights are available. Find the type of barrel that fits your grip and

Shaft connects the barrel and flight. Various lengths are available.
Consider the overall balance of the dart before selection

The very end wing of the dart. Large flights draw a large curve, whereas small flights draw a straight course. The course of the dart is influenced by its type and size. Find the flight that fits your style.

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