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Basics and postures are important in darts.
Before throwing darts, draw an image
in your head. Then practice in order to
improve better.

Learn darts with dart player Jun Ko!



grip image
Find the center of gravity with your index finger.
grip image
Then gently grab the dart with your thumb and index finger.
The basic grip is to naturally support your dart.


Side Stance
side stand
Middle Stance
Middle Stance
Make your elbow parallel with the ground.
Then bring your dart before your eyes so that you can have a better aim. Keep your legs comfortable, and do not move your body.

When you have mastered this posture, move on! Throw darts!


throwing image
Aiming (Set-up)

Always create an image of
the dart track so that your fingers can follow it.
It is important to control your power.

Watch the elevation of
your elbow.
Simultaneously release
all of your fingers
from the dart.
Release the dart at the point where you first
began aiming it.

Do not let your elbow fall.
Slowly take it back,
and only move the upper
part of your elbow!
Follow Through

    Keep your sight,
    dart and target in a
    single line.
    For instance,
    keep a posture as
    if all three are connected.
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